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06 July 2018

Kabaddi | About Kabaddi | Pro Kabaddi | About Pro Kabaddi | Kabaddi Information

Kabaddi | About Kabaddi | Pro Kabaddi | About Pro Kabaddi

kabaddi, about kabaddi, about pro kabaddi, pro kabaddi, all information about kabaddi

In this blog, you find out all about kabaddi. Kabaddi is a sport that is playing all around the country India. Not in India but also it famous around South Asia. 

About Kabaddi

about kabaddi, all about kabaddi, kabaddi information, pro kabaddi, about pro kabaddi

In Kabaddi there are two teams that are playing in opposition to other. When a team won the toss, at most of the time they send the raider for the raid. The main focus of raider to make defend himself from caught by the opponent team. This thing the same done by the opponent team. When raider goes for raid it is important for him to hold the breath and continuously say "Kabaddi" until the whole raid isn't complete. Raider also does not cross the lobby until he touches the member of the opponent team. If he enters the in the lobby without any touch to opponent team player, it declares out. There is a bonus line, this bonus line is on when the opponent team member has more than 5 players. In this raider have to cross the bonus line with one foot in the air. This will help the raider to get extra points for his team.

In the international kabaddi, lots of teams come to competitions. In each team, there are seven members. Here you can see the Measurement of the court. Each team has more than two extra players which are in reserves. There are two halves. Each half have 20 minutes. There is half-time when one halve complete. In this coach can also take the two-minutes break to change the strategy.

Then the main focus of defender is to stop the raider from taking points. Also, stop the raider from getting back to his court. If the defender enters into the lobby without touching the raider. It will declare the self-out. Also if a player comes out from playing field it also declares self-out.

Every time when a player out the opposition team get point. When the whole team out two extra points given to the opposition team. 

As we can see in boxing that game is based on age and weight. Same as Kabaddi based on age and weight. There are six official supervise in every match. In which one is a referee, two umpires, lady umpire,  a scorer and two assistant scorers.

This is all about kabaddi.

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